Yes, face masks work!

Please listen to your healthcare professionals and stop pretending you know more than they do... You don't... Those conspiracy sites are full of bad advice, please for the rest of us, Use a mask... They work, and when everyone participates, the chances of catching COVID19 are significantly lower. When you choose not to wear a mask, you are harming others. This is not about your rights; this is about everyone...


Yes, this is a satire site... This site is a mockery of a website known as "Freedom to breathe Agency," also known as FTBA. The site's only goal was to spread false information regarding face masks and COVID19. It seems many who identify with the extreme right, have rejected real news sources and experts, and have decided to believe any charlatan pushing anything but the truth. In most cases I couldn’t care less; however, in matters of public health and dealing with this pandemic, these folks are causing great harm to us by not listening to the experts and complying with the directives of those experts. Additionally, they are partly responsible for prolonging this pandemic. The sooner we all work together to deal with this, the sooner we can return to our normal lives. It’s truly sad that some seem to prefer death and sorrow.